Killzone: Shadow Fall

Working as a supervisor at Sony VASG i had the pleasure to work with Guerrilla studio on the heads and facial for the upcoming “Killzone: Shadow Fall”.

The game will be released with the PS4 launch, these images were released by Guerrilla.

I worked on the head model, textures and wrinkle maps of Echo, Lady V and Sinclair.
Body and realtime shaders were done by the amazing team of Guerrilla Games.

Also helped on supervising all the stages for other main characters, some of them were made by the talented Frank Tzeng

I was responsible for developing the wrinkle map system together with SCEA team. I sculpted some heads and directed Frank Tzeng on others. We created 8 heads in total for the game.


(shaded assets)

sinclairshaded killzone_wrinklemaps

Ingame Maya assets (no shader)
sinclair olsinclair ladyv echo

Ingame screenshots done by the amazing gg team.



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