Storage box 01

 This is a collection of sketches and work in progress shots from the past months of 2014

Quick Fan art of “Kill la Kill” Ryuko Matoi.



 This is a model i was working during this past month that i will probably never going to finish so here it is.

Based on the character VI from League of Legends. Modeled with 3dsmax and ZBrush, hair with zbrush fibermesh and rendered with zbrush.


hairbreakdown renderbreakdown


 Teaser of what we have coming up very soon!

Statue by Grassetti Art + Comic book pages by Dave Wilkins+ Painted by Daniel Martinez Muñoz
Sexy shinny bastard!! Cant wait! Cheers!

1913477_721418711215435_417205525_o 1517475_716662415024398_1460810128_n


Another test from the printer (4th piece), still learning the prep ways but seeing some improvement from the first ones..
1/6 scale, hollow piece – 16hrs at a 0.025mm layer
(printed with a clear resin and painted with acrylics)

This guy is asking for a monster clay body 

zb model –


Fist test with the Form1 printer. 8 hours to print with a 0,025mm resolution.
Im really happy with the quality, it looks pretty good and captured most of the shapes for the size of the head. I will be making some adjustments and doing new material tests during the next couple weeks. More to come!



  1. He Rafael, first of I would like to say that I really love your work!

    I would like to ask what do you think about Formlab printer, do you think is it worth investing in for casual purposes. I have some doubts because I read people having problems with +5 large prints claiming that the printer is losing precision and consistency.

    Thanks for awesome work and great inspiration


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