Personal project to study female faces. I wanted to try a few different techniques on the eyes and hair, you can see on the breakdown bellow. Everything modeled and rendered using ZBrush, Hair is fibermesh, eyebrow and eyelashes modeled with a cylinder and placed by hand. Hope you like it!



  1. incredibly beautiful face and it looks unusually interesting without eye pupils! Would buy your tutorial on the female anatomy video tutorial

  2. When you say modeled with a cylinder and placed by hand, do you mean as in you placed fibermesh one by one along a cylinder controlling the overall shape?

  3. hi grassetti,

    awesome work,i have been always inspiring from ur art work & lots of thing learn from u.
    Can u plz share ur BPR technics for passes…………plz

  4. Hi Rafael, WOW, this is an amazing piece reminds me of the Art of the Last of Us. You are really a Zbrush Master, will you make a Gumroad tutorial of her? Let me know and I will buy it instantly.

  5. I’d love to hear how you handle the fibermesh in zbrush, if you need an idea for the next tutorial I’ve not seen a decent break down on how to style and sculpt the hair yet.

  6. HY!! This is really nice and beautiful! I would also like to have a tutorial on how you did render this in ZBrush, including the fiber mesh part! You could put this on your gumroad page!!

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