God of War

During the past couple of years i had the pleasure to work as a Character Art Director with a really talented team from Sony Santa Monica on the next big God of War game.
Being involved on every aspect of the game it’s been an amazing challenge and learning experience.

This little “teaser” of the product is a result of a great team collaboration, special thanks to Dela Longfish for working closely together since the beginning of this project and for pushing the limits of what we could do with the amount of resources we had.
The feedback from the public has been amazing so far and there is a LOT more to come soon! I cant wait to see people’s reaction once they see what we have cooking behind the studio walls.

Cheers to the entire ssm team! Back to work!



E3 2016 Gameplay Trailer

Kratos Design – Rafael Grassetti, Dela Longfish, Jose Cabrera, Vance Kovacs
Kratos Model – Rafael Grassetti
Son Design – Dela Longfish, Rafael Grassetti
Son Model – Rafael Grassetti, Chris Gillet
Troll Design – Dela Longfish, Vance Kovacs, Rafael Grassetti
Troll Model – Rafael Grassetti, Eric Valdez
Poster Image – Jose Cabrera




  1. new Kratos ‘ face, not graphics in more detail 🙁 modeling must be corrected must have weak pores

  2. Excellent art job. I’m anxious to play this game . Congratulations to you and the entire team.

  3. Parabéns! Ficou muito bom esse Kratos mais velho, e melhor ainda é saber que foi feito por um brasileiro.

  4. Parabéns, cara! Saber que essa ótima franquia está voltando é bom demais. Melhor ainda é saber que o responsável por esse design massa é um brasileiro. Você é um orgulho para o Brasil!

  5. Rig, animation, effects, programmation? You Gave life to the game? hahaha….. Stop thinking it is the best.

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